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ARONLINE                                                                            www.aronline.co.uk/

BEDFORD CF.ORG:                                                             http://forum.bedfordcf.org/

CF-UK                                                                                   http://www.cf-uk.co.uk/

CORSA B UK                                                                        www.corsa-b.uk/

CORSA C UK                                                                        www.corsa-c.co.uk

CORSA D UK                                                                        www.corsa-d.co.uk

DSG - DROOP SNOOT GROUP:                                          www.droopsnoot.co.uk

GENERAL MOTORS GLOBAL SITE:                                  www.gm.com

GM AUTHORITY:                                                                  www.gmauthority.com

GM INSIDE NEWS:                                                               www.gminsidenews.com

MK3 CAVALIER OWNERS CLUB:                                       www.vauxhallcavalier.com/

MODIFIED VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB:                           www.mvoc.co.uk/

OPEL OFFICIAL SITE:                                                         www.opel.com

OPEL-INFOS.DE                                                                   www.opel-infos.de

PERFORMANCE NOVA GROUP - PNG:                             www.pngclub.com/

RETROAUTOS                                                                     www.retroautos.com.au

SOUTH WEST VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB:                     www.southwestvauxhalls.co.uk/

SVENSKA VAUXHALL REGISTRET:                                  www.svenskavauxhallregistret.org

URUGUAY CARS INFO SITE:                                             www.geocities.ws/autosuruguayos

ULTRAVAUX                                                                         www.ultravaux.co.uk / m.facebook.com/ultravaux/

VAUXHALL ADAM OWNERS CLUB:                                  www.instagram.com/adamownersclub/

VAUXHALL A-D REGISTER:                                               www.vauxhallregister.com

VAUXHALL ASTRA OWNERS CLUB:                                www.astraownersclub.com

VAUXHALL BEDFORD CLUB DENMARK:                         www.vauxhall-bedford-klub.dk

VAUXHALL BEDFORD CLUB FINLAND:                           www.vbcf.fi

VAUXHALL CAVALIER & CHEVETTE OWNERS CLUB:   www.cavalierandchevetteclub.co.uk 

VAUXHALL CRESTA CLUB:                                               www.vauxhallcrestaclub.co.uk

VAUXHALL DRIVERS CLUB:                                              www.vvoc.com/

VAUXHALL FD REGISTER:                                                 www.vauxhallfdregister.co.uk  

VAUXHALL FIRENZA.NET:                                                 www.firenza.net

VAUXHALL MERIVA OWNERS CLUB:                               www.merivaownersclub.co.uk

VAUXHALL OFFICIAL UK SITE:                                         www.vauxhall.co.uk

VAUXHALL - OPEL AUTOBAHN STORMERS:                  www.autobahnstormers.org.uk

VAUXHALL OPEL DRIVERS CLUB:                                   www.vodc.co.uk

VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB:                                              www.voc1903-57.co.uk

VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB AUSTRALIA INC                  www.vauxhall.org.au/

VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB.COM:                                    www.vauxhallownersclub.com/

VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB HOLLAND:                           www.vauxhallclub.nl

VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB OF NZ:                                  www.vocnz.org.nz/

VAUXHALL OWNERS CLUB SWITZERLAND:                  www.vauxhall-club.ch

VAUXHALL OWNERS NETWORK:                                     www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk

VAUXHALL UK MEDIA SITE:                                              www.media.vauxhall.co.uk

VAUXHALL VICTOR OWNERS CLUB:                               www.vauxhallvictorclub.co.uk/

VAUXHALL VIVA OUTLAWS CLUB:                                  www.vivaoutlaws.co.uk

VAUXHALL VIVA OWNERS CLUB:                                    www.vauxhallviva.com

VAUXHALL VX4/90 DRIVERS CLUB:                                 www.vx490driversclub.co.uk

VAUXHALL ZAFIRA OWNERS CLUB:                               www.zafiraowners.co.uk

VBOA SITE:                                                                         www.vboa.org.uk

VECTRA C – SIGNUM – INSIGNIA OWNERS CLUB:        www.vectra-c.com/forum/forum.php


If I have left anybody out just drop me an email and I will add your site in the list